How To Buy With Confidence


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Dualit food processor? I thought they made those really expensive toasters you see in every pub…

And it’s true enough, Dualit make what is commonly regarded as the best toaster in the world. I have a 4-slice model in cream and it is wonderful. Makes the best toast I’ve ever eaten. The reason all the pubs have one is because they are durable, reliable and are designed so you can fix it up with spare parts (a bit like the old Land Rover) rather than buy a whole new one.

So, taking the enormous reputation earned from their toasters, what did Dualit come up with for their entry in the food processor market?

Dualit Food Processor is an Award-Winner

Well, let’s start off by saying it won  ’Which Best Buy’, March 2009 for food processors. That means it saw off some pretty big names in the business. Their view of the Dualit food processor was that it was excellent at pureeing baby food, faster still at making mayonnaise and scored highly at all food preparation tasks including chopping and mixing and was less noisy than its predecessor.

But what do you get for the money?

Here’s the specification for the Dualit Food processor:

  • Loading: 1.5kW
  • Weight: 6.6kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 21.2 x 25 x 42.5cm
  • Motor: Commercial grade induction motor
  • Discs:  Chipping disc, adjustable slicing disc, grating & shaving disc, shredding disc, E-disc
  • Blades: Bakery grade dough blade, large, medium and small stainless steel chopping blades
  • Bowls: small 1.0L, medium 2.6L and Large 3.25L
  • They also chuck in a spatula!

Dualit Food Processor Accessories

The bowls fit inside each other and each one is idea for multiple tasks. The trio make it easy to build your way through a recipe, starting with the small bowl and transferring your way through medium and large without needing to stop to wash up. And because the bowls are a fitted set, they take up a minimal amount of cupboard space.

Dualit include the Edisc – the magic attachment that Which used for pureeing baby food and doing the mayo. It also whips cream and emulsifies dressings and sauces (the “E” stands for emulsifying). Yes, of course you could do that by hand, but you could also be drinking a glass of wine and pressing a button…

A toolbox is provided to keep all your Dualit attachments in and of course, Dualit get you started in traditional fashion with their own cookbook, filled with photos of your new food processor to get you in the mood for a serious cook-down.

Like other top-loaders, the food pusher also doubles as a cup for measuring and in this case comes with an airtight lid.

Dualit are very proud of their 1500W commercial grade induction motor in the food processor, keenly aware of the lifetime reputation the like of the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer have gained from incorporating industrial design internally as well as externally.

The only trouble we found was a certain tendency for the blades to be a bit stiff once they were in place – these guys are sharp and you don’t want to be tugging with all your might.

The dough blade is pretty decent, and while it does not match the Artisan, it’s better than average.

You can take a look at the manual for the Dualit food processor here.

Dualit is a British brand and the you can buy a Dualit food processor in one of two main models the Dualit 88610 food processor and the Dualit 88704 food processor in cream or chrome.